What Is a Domain Transfer
Registrars — such as IntroNexus — are the ones that register a specific domain name to a Registry. Once your domain is successfully registered, your Registrar will be responsible for keeping and managing your Domain Name System (DNS) records.

A Domain Transfer is done when the management of a domain name is transferred from one Registrar to another.

Note: A Domain Transfer will NOT affect your website, email, and any services connected to your domain name. A Registrar is only responsible for your domain records management.

How to Transfer Your Domain Name

Transferring your domain name to another Registrar is entirely up to you. You simply have to follow several instructions to complete the process.

If you want to transfer your domain name to IntroNexus, refer to the guide below:

How to Transfer a Domain Name

If you want to transfer your domain name from us to another Registrar, you will need to prepare your domain for the transfer. Learn more from this guide:

How to Prepare Your Domain for Transfer

My Domain Transfer Is Unsuccessful

If you get into trouble with the Domain Transfer process, you may find the answers here:

Why Is My Domain Status Transfer Pending

Why Did My Domain Not Transfer

For any other concerns regarding Domain Transfer, contact our 24/7 customer support.
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