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What's so good about Premium DNS Hosting?

IntroNexus Premium DNS Hosting will boost the performance of your website before your traffic even reaches your server.

Your website traffic will be routed to the nearest available Anycast server on the network making it faster and more reliable with no single point of failure.

Enhanced security features and secondary DNS will also reduce the possibility of DDoS attacks and downtime.

Premium DNSGive your website the fastest and most reliable Anycast network in the world with high availability and low latency DNS.
Premium DNS is built with advanced traffic routing features and record management all backed by a SLA Guarantee.
Entre your domain name
com ?

For any Domain, Registered with us.

Only ₹199/yr
Included in Every Plan...?Email on the go anywhere!
18 Global Network
Anycast Network
DDoS Protection
ISO Certified
SLA Guarantee
IPv4 / IPv6
DNS Records
24x7 Support
Premium DNS Cloud, Over 14 CountriesThe business choice with 100% SLA guaranteed globally

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Frequently Asked QuestionsIntroNexus team love to give support for their clients free & 24x7 days
What is Premium DNS?

While any level of DNS will serve the purpose of connecting your domain with the people who are trying to reach you, a premium DNS ensures faster performance, maximum site availability, and better security. IntroNexus Premium DNS operates from redundant Anycast locations, and works with any domain name from any registrar worldwide. Our premium DNS supports 2 million queries per month per domain name, ready to handle the traffic of your company’s mission critical operations.

What makes premium DNS service different?

For any business, the uptime of your DNS should be a primary concern. Compared to free products, premium DNS service is different because it provides global security and availability. IntroNexus’s Premium DNS was built for outstanding resiliency from the ground up. We offer a 100 percent service level agreement for your DNS resolution at a truly affordable price.

How secure is Premium DNS?

Different DNS servers offer varying levels of security, and site owners should be aware of the potential hazards. IntroNexus Premium DNS minimizes liabilities to ensure maximum uptime and highly secure data. An insecure DNS leads to vulnerabilities to attacks from malicious hackers, including DDoS intrusions. A business might go for years without a security breach, but just one incident has the potential to sideline your business for days. Because Premium DNS uses smart infrastructure and high-level security features like DNSSEC, security gaps are closed and attackers are kept at bay.

Difference between DNS hosting and Premium DNS?

Premium DNS offers superior security and performance for your domain, while DNS hosting is a free service that allows customers who own domains registered at other companies to manage their zone files through IntroNexus. For instance, say you registered your domain at another company, but you want to host your content at IntroNexus. We give you the ability to change and update your zone files as you see fit, without making you transfer your domain. This type of DNS management allows you to be hands-on with your domain, even if we’re not your registrar. If you do want to make use of our Premium DNS services, however, you will need to register with us or transfer your domain name to us.

Why do I need Premium DNS?

With a service like Premium DNS, slow DNS connectivity and "website not found" errors are significantly decreased. We want to make sure your website visitors find you, which is why our managed DNS service guarantees 99.999% DNS resolution uptime. DNS security is a primary concern for us, so we offer state-of-the-art managed DNSSEC, which guarantees authentic DNS data. This feature protects your visitors by securing the DNS during the DNS lookup process so hackers can't change the IP address and reroute them to a fake website.

Is there a money back guarantee?

No, We don't offer Money Back Guarantee on Premium DNS Service.

Still have questions about our Premium DNS?

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