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Refer your friends to IntroNexus

Refer your friends through your affiliate link. Add this link to your site, email, social media, blog, or select banner ads from your Account Manager. ​

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IntroNexus Hosting Affiliate Program

Earn up to 40% on Every Purchase

You'll receive up to 40% commission on every product sale made through your affiliate link for up to 30 days using our tracking technology.

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Affiliate Marketing - IntroNexus

Be paid cash to your Bank or PayPal

Account Manager lets you see exactly how much money you’re making, when your next payment is, and how many clicks and sales you've generated.

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How easy is it?

When you sign up for the domain affiliate program, you will be given a special link to IntroNexus that you can simply past or share on your site, Facebook, blog, or tweet, however you choose! You’ll earn income for every purchase through your link.

FREE to Join, No Requirements, No Fees

We provide a full 30-day trial with all hosted services.

FAQs - Affiliate Program

IntroNexus team love to give support for their clients free & 24×7 days

An affiliate program is a type of marketing program where a company gives commissions or rewards to affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the marketing efforts of affiliates.

Yes, commission earnings, tracking, and payments are updated instantly in your IntroNexus affiliate dashboard.

Yes, we have a 30-day tracking system that tracks where the customer was originally generated. If this customer returns and buys any more products or services, you will be paid commission.

Chat to one of our team now? We’re here to help 24×7!

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