The Best Hostinger Alternative In India

The majority of new beginners start their online journey with Hostinger as they aren’t aware of other hosting providers.

So, if you are searching for the Best Hostinger Alternative in India, you want or search for some better Hosting or Domain Provider.

I am not here to defame Hostinger, but I still have some very good options available in the market you must try.

One of them is us… Yes! Intronexus Trusted and Reliable Hosting provider.

To understand why we say IntroNexus is the Hostinger alternative, let’s look at,

  • Pros and Cons
  • How IntroNexus is the Best Hostinger Alternative in India
  • Conclusion


Hostinger is one of the most popular hosting providers, powering over 2.9 million websites worldwide. Founded in 2004, Hostinger has been providing hosting services for quite some years now.

They offer Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting, along with two types of WordPress hosting, namely Shared hosting and Managed WordPress hosting. Apart from hosting, Hostinger also provides domains, Email, and even marketing services.

IntroNexus is a relatively best-in-class web hosting provider that has been built specifically for WordPress websites. Intronexus has been providing hosting services since 2018. Known to be the fastest WordPress hosting provider in India, Intronexus comes with four different WordPress hosting plans. With fast website loading times, Intronexus is growing to become the favorite for websites.

Pros and Cons

And that is the brief introduction of the two hosting providers. To learn whether IntroNexus is the best Hostinger alternative in India, let’s look at the Pros and Cons and then compare them.

  • Hostinger Pros
    • Different types of Hosting
    • Easy to use Dashboard
  • Hostinger Cons
    • High renewal prices
    • Not suitable for Beginners
    • Fewer Features
  • Intronexus Pros
    • Website Speed
    • No surprise jump in renewal prices
    • Beginner-friendly Dashboard
  • Intronexus Cons
    • Limited websites and Storage

Hostinger Pros

  • Different types of Hosting

Hostinger provides a wide variety of suitable hosting plans for everyone from an absolute beginner to a large enterprise. The average web hosting in itself has several plans, from shared VPS to dedicated hosting.

  • Easy to use Dashboard

Hostinger Panel is user-friendly and can be used by those with little experience in website development.

Hostinger Cons

  • High renewal prices

Keeping aside the affordable pricing, Hostinger is quite infamous for its high renewal prices. This means that once the initial plan you signed up for is over, you can expect a steep increase in the renewal prices.

Say you sign up with a Choice Single Web Hosting plan for ₹139/month. Once the introductory period is over, you will be levied with the slashed price of ₹179/month.

  • Not for Beginners

Hostinger is not for beginners because beginners cannot buy Hostinger’s costly plans, and no, it is not affordable for students either.

They provide minimal features so that beginners do not know to test and host their website properly.

  • Fewer Features

Hostinger’s plan starts from 249/month. This plan is costly for students and beginners. And in this plan, You will get limited traffic and limited features.

Intronexus Pros

  • Website Speed

Intronexus is the fastest WordPress hosting in India. Because we do that with advanced technology servers, so that you get more speed and performance, along with this, we provide you free CDN service so that your website will load faster.

  • No surprise renewal prices

Another reason why IntroNexus stands out as a Hostinger alternative because it offers much cheaper plans than Hostinger. They are known to have the same renewal price as the signup price and not to include any surprising jump in prices.

Most website owners are unaware of these sneaky renewal prices that come with hosting plans. Intronexus doesn’t take advantage of the situation, so they promise no surprise renewal prices. The price stays the same as what you opted for during signing up for your website.

  • Beginner-friendly dashboard

Intronexus, with its innovative dashboard, serves as a one-place stop for all the site management a website owner needs to do. It starts with some basic information like the hosting plan you are on, the active domain, and the amount of Data and Bandwidth usage on your website.

Apart from this, you can manage every part of your account by using several sections like Email accounts, FTP accounts, Backups, and a WordPress manager, making it the ideal Hostinger alternative.

Intronexus Cons

  • Limited websites and Storage

Intronexus, notably different from the other hosting providers, is the limited number of hosted domains and disk space you get with the hosting.

But these resources are unlimited only on paper. No hosting provider delivers unlimited disk space, and they all have limitations mentioned in the terms and conditions, meaning there is no such thing called Unlimited hosting.

How IntroNexus is the Best Hostinger Alternative in India

Not Trapping Bloggers

The Very First reason why many people or bloggers, to be specific, choose Hostinger is that it is very cheap in the market, and they give you free domains with the hosting and all.

But You know what, check their renewal prices they are just opposite to what is going on in the market they are trapping you by giving low prices for the first year and then charge as per their convenience with a significant difference in the first year and renewal prices of domains.

But Your the Best Hostinger Alternative in India. Intronexus is Just not doing that. There are no differences in the first year and renewal prices and very minimal in some cases, but not like Hostinger, and we also have a very good renewal price.

Not Faking a Sale

I do not think there is much to explain at this point. You can visit Hostinger anytime and see what is going on there on the name of the Sale.

The whole Year they have that Sale going on Banner and with a well-designed Timer to trap the beginners, and there they have written Sale is ending in just three days and when those three days over they Reset that Timer, and it again says Sale is ending in 3 days.

There is no such thing as intronexus. We do not do this kind of shit. We only display your Sale when there is a Sale is going on. Not every time, every day.

Direct Support from High level

There is not any problem with setting up Bots for support. Still, only Bots and some people sitting on base level cannot help you that much compared to a High-Level Employee, and not only in intronexus. You can directly talk to our hosting expert.

We may not get to you in just a minute, but we promise you whenever we reply with correct information and a complete guide or steps to solve the issues you face with any or domain or hosting in intronexus. That why I Wrote Intronexus is the Best Hostinger Alternative in India.

Intronexus provides full-fledged cPanel

Website is not just about Installing WordPress and stick to that only. There are many more things or tweaks that are only possible through cPanel.

Hostinger also provides you a hPanel, but that is not universal, and, in this case, if you face any issue with that Website, it is hard to find tutorials of that Particular hPanel.

Intronexus provides you a proper standard cPanel that all the leading Hosting providers are offering. You can easily find a wide range of solutions/tutorials to Your issues on the Website.

What are the benefits of having a standard cPanel?

All the options are there in The Standard cPanel, and You can easily match up with the tutorials you are referring to to create your website.

Easy to access things like Email, SSL, DNS Zone, Subdomains, Database, phpMyadmin, Softaculous App Installer.

Any Developer can take your project of Website designing or developing because in cPanels like Hostinger is providing is not that feature-rich and many of the present time developers are not familiar with that.


I understand that there are various reasons why a website may not be performing well, but it is not my intention to discredit any website or portfolio in order to gain more users or partners on my own website. It is important to exercise caution when choosing a web hosting service and ensure that it is of high quality, as this will ultimately contribute to a positive experience for your blog/website visitors.There are many reasons that I can tell you, but I do not want to defame any website or portfolio to get some users or partners to my website.

So be careful with your website and provide an excellent Hosting service that ultimately helps you provide your blog/website visitors an overall good experience.

I just shared some essential points why you must try intronexus for a time, and I am assuring you that there will not be any reason to left intronexus for you. 

This is enough to think of why you should switch to the intronexusthe best Hostinger Alternative present in India that you can opt for and lead to a better online experience.


We offer best-in-class services designed around different customer needs, and thus are able to assist you with any requirement.

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