How to add a Sub Domain to your cPanel account?

How to add a subdomain to your cPanel account?

How to add a subdomain to your cPanel account?: Subdomains let you create memorable addresses and easy ways to access areas of your website. For example, you could create a subdomain for pictures on your site called “pics” that is accessible through the URLs “” and ““.

There are a few things to know about using subdomains:

A subdomain must be a subdomain of another domain name on your Web Hosting account – for example, if you’ve got ““, you can add ““.

Subdomain website files are stored in a different directory than the main domain website files.

1. Go to your IntroNexus Dashboard.

2. Now click on Services > Select your services and click on Active button > in Left side Actions > Login to cPanel button.

3. In the cPanel Home page, in the Domains section, click Subdomains.

4. In the cPanel Subdomains page, enter just the Subdomain name – for example pics.

5. Make sure the main Domain is selected.

6. Leave the Document Root set to the default. This keeps the subdomain files in a separate directory from the main domain files.

Note: If you know that you want the subdomain files to be in a different directory than the default, change the Document Root.

7. Click Create. cPanel creates the subdomain and it appears in the Modify a Subdomain list.

Next step

If your domain name is not in the same Hostaken account as your hosting, you need to find your account’s IP address and then add a subdomain to your domain name that points to it.

Upload the subdomain website files to the Document Root you selected.

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