How to find hosting account IP?

Demystifying Your Digital Address: Understanding What an IP is?

In the Internet’s vast digital landscape, every connected device needs a unique identifier, like a personalized address, to communicate and exchange information. This unique identifier is an IP address short for Internet Protocol address.

Understanding the Analogy:

Imagine a bustling neighbourhood filled with houses. Each house has a unique address, allowing mail carriers and visitors to locate specific individuals. Similarly, every device on the Internet, from your computer to your smartphone, possesses a unique IP address that enables it to be identified and found by other devices.

The Role of IP Addresses:

Think of IP addresses as the invisible tags attached to every data packet across the Internet. These tags contain crucial information:

Network identification: The first part of the IP address specifies the network to which the device belongs, similar to identifying the neighbourhood in our analogy.

Device identification: The remaining part of the IP address pinpoints the specific device within that network, just like a house number helps identify a particular residence.

Types of IP Addresses:

There are two main types of IP addresses:

Public IP addresses: These are unique addresses assigned to your internet connection by your internet service provider (ISP). They act as your internet-facing address, allowing other devices on the Internet to find and connect to your device.

Private IP addresses: These are non-routable addresses used within a private network, like your home network. They identify devices within the network but are not visible to the broader Internet.

The Importance of IP Addresses:

IP addresses play a fundamental role in the smooth functioning of the Internet:

Routing data: They enable routers to route data packets to the intended recipient device efficiently.

Enabling communication: They allow devices to establish connections and exchange information with each other.

Website access: When you enter a website address in your browser, your device uses the IP address of that website to locate and connect to it.

How to find hosting account IP?

How to find hosting account IP?: You might need to find your website IP address to point your domain name there, or to upload files through FTP.

1. Go to your IntroNexus Dashboard.

2. Now click on Services > Select your services and click on Active button > in Left side Actions > Login to cPanel button.

3. Now look at your cPanel Right Sidebar GENERAL INFORMATION under IP Address or Shared IP Address.

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