What Folder Should I Upload My Files To

What Folder Should I Upload My Files

What Folder Should I Upload My Files: When setting up for a website you want to make sure that your Name Servers and DNS settings are correct. But these aren’t the only components that make up a website. You also need to add content files to have a better display of your product or services on your website. Files like, picturestext, and videos. And knowing where to upload these files in your hosting account is important to make your website work properly. This article, you’ll learn what is a default home folder.

What Is a Default Home Folder

The path to the specific folder within your account also depends on whether it’s for the Main Domain, an Addon Domain, or a Subdomain. This table will help you understand how they work.

Domain TypeURL PathFile Structure
Main Domainhttp://example.comhome/public_html
Addon Domainhttp://example2.comhome/

You can edit or create files in your file manager, follow the steps in this guide to access the file manager. Please let us know if you need any further assistance, or if you have any questions. We’d love to help!


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